8K Health Edge

A Patient-centric Blockchain Health Information Management that enable value-based care and Patient-driven healthcare eco-system

While most of the buzz around healthcare blockchain is focused on zero data breaches, decreased cost, amplified integration and security, 8K Miles has a broader perspective.

Introducing 8K Health Edge, a unique blockchain platform set to deliver a value-based care, precision medicine and a patient-driven healthcare system, with all fundamentals roofed.

How 8K Health Edge helps Healthcare Industry?

Necessary PHR info made available across all

  • Ability for patient to directly manage data safe, secure and compliant

Centralized Medical Data contributed by Providers

  • Segmented access mgmt. for each entity - Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacy, Payers etc.,

  • Ability to authorize access

  • Streamline back office processing

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Enablement

  • Personalized Care, Medicine and Research

Policy Enforcement

  • Detect & deter fraud simplify & streamline experience

Watch this space to unchain more on 8K Health Edge!
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